Jelly Roll Diamonds

BETTER MEASUREMENT: For the corner triangles measurement- The current measurement is okay, but it is easier if you cut 13" x 9" rectangles instead.

HINT/EXPLANATION: When cutting the green sashing strips, the 10" measurement given in the pattern assumes that you are measuring straight across the strip, from angled cut to angled cut. So you would lay your strip straight in front of you, cut your left hand side 60" angle, measure over 10" and cut another 60" angled cut.

If however you are measuring on an angle with the body of a wide Omnigrid ruler, in the same manner you cut the diamonds, then the measurement you cut is only 8 1/2". The length of that cut from tip to tip, then ends up the 10" [which is the same measurement as your diamond blocks should be] to which I refer in the directions.

Which one you will better understand really depends on how you visualize things and how you think about cutting. I have found that I have as many customers to whom it makes sense one way as the other.

On page 4 of the pattern near the bottom, it says the words "basket block" oops... there is no basket, that should just read "block"."