Plain & Simple

Simple Sawtooth Quilt

Piece (2) rows of 32 green triangle squares each as shown below. Press toward the dark triangle each time. Repeat for (2) rows of peach squares.

Patchwork Strips Quilt

From eachof the (4) medium and (4) light ¼ yd. fabrics: Cut (1) 7 1/4" strip. Cut it into (5) 7 1/4" squares. Cut the squares twice on the diagonal…

*** QUICK FIX DIRECTIONS: If you have already made your hourglass blocks you can either cut them down to 6 1/2" unfinished and continue with the directions of the quilt or if you have already pieced the rows, you can remove one hourglass block from each row, trim your sashings and side borders to 59" instead and either add fabric to your top & bottom borders to measure 59 1/2" or recut those 2 borders.